Eurocraft Restoration - Our Story

Antique sofa sketchI believe that it is very important as a consumer to have a greater understanding of my past. Eurocraft Restoration was developed on the foundation of preserving any piece of furniture, modern or antique. Whether the piece has been passed from one generation to the next, or is an artifact recently purchased, our goal is to refinish all furniture with nothing less than the best services.

Antique chair sketchMy father, a master carpenter of his time had introduced me to the trade at the young age of nine. When I was fourteen years old he had provided me with the knowledge that I needed to be successful in such tasks of stripping furniture, French polish, and repairing simple veneer damages. It is thanks to my late father that I have accumulated unique skills in the woodworking and finishing trades.

Antique sofa drawingThroughout my experience in the trades I developed a great eye for attention to details. From there I decided that I would pursue a career in photography. My ability to perceive minor imperfections that normally the untrained eye would be unable to detect proves to be a great characteristic of mine in this field.

Antique chest of drawers drawingIn 1991, Eurocraft Restoration was created. Here I am able to combine my craftsmanship skills along with my innate capability to find imperfections and refinish furniture.

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Antiques Restoration - Services

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional services to the public. Antique pieces of furniture require a great deal of attention to maintain it in a pristine condition. If the processes is done correctly, the antique piece can be turned into an investment.

Maintaining Antique Integrity

At Eurocraft Restoration, refinishing an antique must be done with the understanding of how it was constructed, what kind of wood was used and what technique was implemented to finish the piece. Being able to distinguish what kind of finish was used is vital to either match the finish with the existing one, or completely replace it with something new. To avoid devaluing a piece, all of this must be taken into consideration

Our knowledge about veneer repairs and fixing

In most cases the reason antiques have to be repaired is due to climate change during a move. Even simple things as a seasonal change can affect the structure of an antique piece. Very often a 150 to 200 year old antique that is shipped from Europe is in perfect condition, but upon arrival at our workshop it may require minor fixes. This can be due to the improper handling during transport. Usually after the first winter, you will be able to tell whether your piece will require further attention. It is very likely that after a long journey from Europe, being exposed to the moist conditions of ocean voyage, the bone based glue that had held the piece together for so long will start to lose its strength. As the wood slowly starts to adapt to the dry climate, shifting, shrinking, splitting, and separation of the veneer and finish may take place. It is rare that antiques brought in from Europe stay as they were purchased. Very often they will require the attention of a specialist.

This does not even begin to address the everyday abuse that our furniture takes. On a daily basis our furniture is constantly moved from one dwelling to another, sometimes rearranged in a room, a resting place for our pets, or used by our children for climbing and playtime. When that happens Eurocraft is here to rebuild the integrity to that piece of furniture.