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Antique Furniture Restoration Services

Located minutes away from the downtown core in Toronto, Ontario, we offer exceptional services that apply to the restoration processes of all antique and modern furniture. Our services include: upholstery, refinishing, hand stripping, staining, oil or wax finishing, lacquer finishing, polyurethane and varnish finishing, French polish, faux finish, spray paint finishing (lacquer colour matching), customized touch-ups (onsite and in shop), distress finish, fixing and rebuilding, inlay work, custom furniture building, traditional gilding, caning, rush, marble repairs and carving old furniture restoration. Our expert advice and knowledgeable staff will provide the perfect solution to restoring and refinishing any period piece. For your convenience we offer complimentary on-site estimates for those located in the Greater Toronto Area.

It Is Your Favourite Chair

It is your favourite chair, an antique you have had for as long as you can remember. The issue is that the finish and the upholstery has deteriorated and one of the back legs is loose. If you are experiencing difficulties in disposing of it, do not despair -- Eurocraft Restoration Toronto can help you. We guarantee top notch services at an affordable price. Eurocraft Restoration has all the necessary resources to handle any minor or major repairs, all the way to complete rebuilds of pieces. Do not hesitate to contact Eurocraft Restoration today and ask our team how we can restore that priceless piece of furniture.

Upholstering Of Antique Furniture

With years of experience Eurocraft upholsters and refinishes your furniture with a combination of perfectionism and craftsmanship. Eurocraft does not just simply recover your antique by placing your new fabric over the old fabric, but instead we will strip your furniture down to the frame and begin the upholstery process from the bottom-up. New springs are provided for additional support where needed and new foam is set in place for added comfort. When choosing Eurocraft, your old furniture comes back to you brand new.

Antique Furniture Restoration in Toronto

Antique furniture restoration in Toronto by Eurocraft

At Eurocraft, we feel that it is important to evaluate each piece of furniture individually and determine how to best preserve its historical integrity with the correct restoration. Let’s face it, some pieces of furniture are just too new to worry about historical preservation, but in some circumstances they too often need additional maintenance to keep them functional and attractive. It is important to have an understanding that not all finishes need to be replaced, but when required, we are well equipped with the proper tools to refinish any piece.

Our craftsmen offer a variety of furniture restorations and repair services that include hand tied cane, pressed cane, shaker tape, rushing, splint seats, French cane, blind hole cane and Danish cord.

Here at Eurocraft we love to develop new modern works of art as well as reproduce older period pieces. No custom built furniture job is too small. To view some of our custom woodwork furniture, please direct your attention to the section furniture workshop. Here you will be able to view recent projects.

When moving your antiques have it picked up at your location by a professional delivery company that is trained in and well experienced in the business of moving furniture. We at Eurocraft are a group of professionals who know about antiques - one way to tell is by looking through this website and asking to see our portfolio. This will provide you with the reassurance that your piece is in the hands of professionals.

Please feel free to contact us to help you with any custom seating, furniture repair and upholstery concerns.